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Mama Profile – Courtney Nicholls

This weeks real mama profile is single mum Courtney.  Her journey started early and with some great support and early planning her journey is a true success story.  This is Courtney's story;   Can you give us an overview of your working mum journey to now? My working mum journey started the week I realised I… Continue reading Mama Profile – Courtney Nicholls

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A working mum’s nightmare

It is depicted in movies such as “I don’t know how she does it” starring Sarah Jessica Parker and “Bad Mums” starring Mila Kunis. It is the school bake sale.  The one that requires parents to bring along a home baked donation to help fundraise for the school, community or charity. Now I actually enjoy… Continue reading A working mum’s nightmare

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What should you expect, when expecting…

So you’re super excited and maternity leave is not far away – you have the nursery organised, purchased some really cute clothes and have had a tour of the hospital.  You have a few weeks of work left before you are off into motherhood – so what are the key things to consider with work… Continue reading What should you expect, when expecting…

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School Holiday Juggle

In Australia, if you are working full time you accumulate four weeks of annual leave per year.  If you have a partner and they also work full time they also accumulate four weeks of annual leave per year. If you don’t take any holidays together that equals eight weeks of annual leave per year. If… Continue reading School Holiday Juggle