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School is back!

This past week has been a busy one in my household.  Kids are finally back to school.  For my youngest one, that means starting prep and beginning her primary school journey. To say she was excited is an understatement. Up early, dressed and ready to go with hours to spare, she took off in the… Continue reading School is back!

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Screen Time – how long is too long?

There is much debate lately on how much screen time you should allow your children.  With the influx of iPhones and iPad’s into our homes, technology is creeping into everything we do as adults and in our families. According to the Raising Children Network, screen time is any time spent watching TV, being at computers,… Continue reading Screen Time – how long is too long?

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A working mum’s nightmare

It is depicted in movies such as “I don’t know how she does it” starring Sarah Jessica Parker and “Bad Mums” starring Mila Kunis. It is the school bake sale.  The one that requires parents to bring along a home baked donation to help fundraise for the school, community or charity. Now I actually enjoy… Continue reading A working mum’s nightmare

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School Holiday Juggle

In Australia, if you are working full time you accumulate four weeks of annual leave per year.  If you have a partner and they also work full time they also accumulate four weeks of annual leave per year. If you don’t take any holidays together that equals eight weeks of annual leave per year. If… Continue reading School Holiday Juggle