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How can we create change….faster?

As a working mother, I am passionate about helping other new mums get back into the world of work.  My adjustment back into work after baby #1 and #2 both presented their own challenges and opportunities, and the daily juggle continues until this day. However, since being a working mum I have noticed how much… Continue reading How can we create change….faster?

Career, Family, Kids, Lifestyle, Maternity Leave, Parenting, Returning to work

Mama Profile – Courtney Nicholls

This weeks real mama profile is single mum Courtney.  Her journey started early and with some great support and early planning her journey is a true success story.  This is Courtney's story;   Can you give us an overview of your working mum journey to now? My working mum journey started the week I realised I… Continue reading Mama Profile – Courtney Nicholls

Career, Family, Kids, Lifestyle, marriage, Maternity Leave, Mum Guilt, Parenting

Where is my identity?

So often when starting a family, your own identity gets a little lost.  I know, it happened to me. At one point, you were busy and enjoying your job and growing your career.  Your life often consisted of casual dinners either eating out or made with love over a bottle of wine.  You could relax… Continue reading Where is my identity?

Career, Maternity Leave, Returning to work

What should you expect, when expecting…

So you’re super excited and maternity leave is not far away – you have the nursery organised, purchased some really cute clothes and have had a tour of the hospital.  You have a few weeks of work left before you are off into motherhood – so what are the key things to consider with work… Continue reading What should you expect, when expecting…