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Beauty Tips for Busy Mums

There is a lot in the news these days about wellness and busy mums taking time out for themselves.  This can be in the form of relaxation – however that looks for you.

For me, I love beauty products, specifically skin care.  They say everyone has a particular thing in their life that they spend money on, for some it is technology, fitness, holidays, but for me it is skin care and skin care treatments.

A day in paradise for me is spending time at a day spa in town. So with this in mind, I thought I would share my current beauty products that I am using for clear skin!

It starts from within

Every day, I take two types of wellness vitamins. This gives me overall health and wellness and also to ensure my skin achieves great blood flow for increased collagen production.

I always take a Magnesium tablet before bed.  This helps tired muscles, helps me to sleep and increases blood flow. The one I am taking at the moment is Fusion Organic Magnesium and I love it.

The second one I take is a shot of Olive Leaf Extract.  The research into eating a Mediterranean diet is overwhelming and since I do not live in the Mediterranean, I am taking this supplement to assist my overall wellness.  It is great for your immune system – and touch wood I haven’t had a sniffle since I have started taking it!

I do from time to time also incorporate some collagen liquid into my diet, I usually use the Beauty Chef as it also contains a probiotic.  However, I am not as consistent with it as I would like.

Now that the insides are prepped, let’s talk skincare!

Over the years I have changed skincare brands as often as I change my underwear.  But as I age, I find that I need to invest more into what I am putting on my skin.  When I was younger, supermarket products did the job just fine, but over the past 2-3 years I have been trying different brands to see what fits.

On a low priced scale the Sukin range is amazing for me.  The Rosehip Oil is a daily product that I found really nourished my skin. If you don’t like oil then their other products are also amazing – they also have body and hair care as well.

However, I do suffer from pigmentation and some lines and wrinkles so I am now using something more clinical on a daily basis.

Rationale is now my system of choice.  I have been using this for the past 3 months and I cannot imagine using anything else.  An Australian brand developed with Dermatologists it is a specific six step daily care routine that has had an amazing affect on my skin.  It has lightened and brightened.  I am yet to go to a facialist and have a professional treatment – which is something I will do in the next few weeks, at which point I hope it boosts my skin even further.

The downside of this product is the price.

I do find that as a busy working mum I do neglect my body a little bit, however one product that I find works amazing to transform my skin all over is the Frank Body Scub.  It comes in a range of aromas (I use traditional coffee myself), and used on a weekly basis it makes my skin smooth and hydrated.  This product is a quick use product in the shower and costs less than $15 a packet,  lasting months!

These are just a few of my regular beauty care options – what are yours?  What are you using that helps busy mums get that healthy glow?






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