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To holiday or not to holiday?

As we head into the first school holidays for 2019, I like many wanted to take advantage of the few public holidays and secure myself a big break for little annual leave days.  With Easter and Anzac Day both so close together, we actually can have 10 days off only taking three days annual leave – brilliant!

I am a sun chaser, so immediately started looking up holiday options for the family.  Port Douglas was (still is) on my list, as was Noosa and Byron Bay.  However, when we really sat down and discussed it, we thought – let’s holiday at home.

I have to admit, I wasn’t overly keen.  I like sun, swimming and beach walks, however, having moved into our home just under 12 months ago, there is still many things we need to do, and we were lucky enough to hit Bali in January so another holiday so soon seemed indulgent.

So our first school holidays for 2019 are going to be spent entirely with each other doing fun things.  The kids have written a list, which includes fun days such as trips to the Zoo and Museum along with activities such as cooking, craft, games and already I see that our calendar is going to be jammed pack.  Throw in a sleep over and perhaps a hike as we will be totally exhausted.

Now that the kids a so excited just to have both mum and dad home all to themselves for a week, the excited has been contagious.  Whilst my husband needs a bit or sleep and relax time, there is no doubt that I will be making cubby houses and cooking biscuits and cakes like my parents used to do with me.

So with holidays right around the corner – what are you up to?  Flying somewhere exotic or staying home and spending quality time?







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  1. We didn’t go anywhere during the Easter holidays but we are going away in May half-term to Portugal and I’ve booked a holiday for the October half term as well! Summer holidays again we won’t be going anywhere but I’m sure we will have fun.

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