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School is back!

This past week has been a busy one in my household.  Kids are finally back to school.  For my youngest one, that means starting prep and beginning her primary school journey.

To say she was excited is an understatement. Up early, dressed and ready to go with hours to spare, she took off in the school yard and we didn’t see her until the end of the day.  To say she was ready is an understatement.

Now both kids are in the one location I am hoping life will get a touch easier.  One drop off and one pick up.  Both will have each other around the place so can always lean on someone if they need to.

But things will also get a little trickier.  Different sports days, dress up days, cake stall days will all begin this year.  Meaning that the mum juggle will go into full swing this year.  But I plan to tackle it as I always do – with planning, preparation and a wine.

So what have I done so far?

  • All yearly school dates are already in both my husbands and my calendar.
  • Weekly schedule is sorted so we know who is dropping off and picking up each day of the week.
  • Sporting and other extra hobbies etc are already scheduled, paid for and organised.
  • Enough uniforms for the first term have been organised, with a diary note to review towards the end of term in time for Winter.
  • After school homework schedule started – just 30 mins four times per week

I am sure there is much more I could be doing, but for the moment that is where I’m at.

My plan is whatever can be done now, is what I will do so that we are all as prepared as possible heading into the school year.  It is a busy year with school productions, camps and a few family holidays scheduled in between, so I need to keep everything flowing in order for there to be peace in this household.

What have you been organising to help you with the return to school?  Any tips you want to share? Let me know!



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