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Holiday’s with kids

Everyone needs a break and the Christmas holidays is our time to relax, rejuvenate and in most cases head off on a holiday.

The dreaming and planning of a holiday is by far the best bit.  Sun filled days, drinks by the pool, amazing dinners and lots of books read.  That is my ideal of the perfect holiday.

So with this in mind, we joined a few of our extended family on our first overseas trip with the kids.  We went to Bali.

Now, I have never been to Bali before, neither has my husband.  I never really wanted to go – for many reasons. However, like all good families, we saw a fantastic deal to a resort in Nusa Dua and before we even really thought about it we had paid for it and locked it in.

In the three months prior to boarding a flight and relaxing in the sun, as all families will know – there are so many things to organise before you even leave.

As this was out first overseas trip as a family, I needed to organise the kids passports and renew mine.  This is not a cheap exercise!  We also had to organise vaccinations.  We all had Hepatitis A and Typhoid – a must have if travelling to any South-East Asian country I am told.  We also stocked up on all the medical things we thought were needed.  Anti-nausea medication (didn’t need it) and lots of hand sanitiser (never used it).

The next step was to organise wardrobe updates and required items for the plane.  Kids can be a handful on a flight and even though the flight to Bali is only 5-6 hours, it was going to be the longest plane ride either of them had experienced to date. IPads were charged, snacks were purchased, books, colouring, tissues, wipes, water – you name it, we had it.

To top it all off, as soon as we landed I had to board another flight to the others side of Australia for work – so I also had to pack another bag, with all my work clothes in order to hit the ground running once I returned.  Throw in Christmas, a trip to Tasmania, New Years Eve and a family wedding you could say the weeks of Christmas were hectic.

But before you knew it we were off and on our way to Bali.

Bali is a popular destination for Australians and is a beautiful spot. Upon our decent into the airport I was surprised to see the beautiful water and green land below us.  The water, from high in the air, was stunning.

Through customs and baggage collection things went smoothly and the airport was a lot nicer than I expected.  We made out way outside, the heat hit us, but luckily we had a car waiting (there were many men trying to get our business for their taxi, which can be a bit daunting!) and jumped inside and off to our resort.

A quick drive later we landed at Mulia.

Mulia in Nusa Dua was amazing and everything we wanted and needed in our holiday.  We didn’t have to worry about the food – none of us experienced any Bali Belly at all and the food rivalled that at any resort here in Australia.  Complimentary bottles of water in our room daily ensured that we were well hydrated and could brush our teeth without having to worry about grabbing any bottled water from the local shops.

Our days were spent in the pool, at the swim up bar, reading on the sun lounges and drinking and eating too much each and every day.

On Day two we left the resort and went to the nearby shops – however in the heat the kids were over it before we even got there and it was honestly a fruitless exercise.  I spent the rest of the trip at the resort with them swimming whilst the others in our group headed off to explore Seminyak and Kuta – with mixed reviews.

Before we knew it were were back in the car headed to the airport and on our way home.  Everyone exhausted and needing much needed sleep and time away from the sun (all of us a bit pink from sunburn).

Whilst I hoped to see more of Bali outside of the resort I have come to realise that holidays with kids are always going to represent different challenges and need you to roll with the punches each and every day.  Whilst the resort does have an amazing kids club – I prefer to spend lots of time with my kids whilst we are away purely because at home, we spend so much time apart through school/work days that I need to fill up my bucket with kid love when I can!  My poolside holidays of years passed consisted of me sleeping on the lounge, cocktails by the pool and getting to read more than one sentence at a time of my book.  This time around, there was sun, lounges and drinks – but no longer the relaxed vibe – so the holiday experience with kids changes things.

Overall we had a really great time, and would recommend Bali to all families wanting a get-away.  For us, we are in the middle of planning our next get-a-way to chase the sun some more.



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