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Keep it simple.

Life has been super busy in my household of late.  There seems to have been an increase in birthday parties for the kids to attend, a few school excursions and of course this week Halloween and the regular walk up the street so they can get way too much sugar.

All this, plus work is ramping up, husband is super busy, my milestone birthday in a few weeks and then Christmas.

My husband and I have been ships in the night, washing is piling up, I have been extremely disorganised with things that I normally have good control over and it feels like we are constantly pulled from pillar to post.

It is kinda like a perfect storm.  So, I implemented the KISS Principal.  Keep it simple stupid!

I pulled back on my extra activities – cut the gym out for a week and declined to attend events with friends I normally would be at.  By doing this I had a few more daylight hours at home and managed to get most things back on track.

We usually plan our weekends to the tiniest inch of their life, but this coming weekend we are doing the bare basics and then going to hang out with the kids around home, perhaps head to the playground, play chess or maybe a bike ride.

It is my version of earthing the family.  Keeping everyone grounded, connected and reset things as I know the coming weeks are going to be just as hectic.

I know that things will continue to be hectic for a while, especially with Christmas only about 7 weeks away, but I’m keeping a list and checking it twice! (more on that next post!).

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