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Why Choose?

Throughout life we have many choices to make.  We are lucky in some respects that we have choice, as many in other developing nations do not.  However for working mums the thought of choosing can hold much angst, guilt and fear.  We almost let the process of the choice itself engulf us as opposed to making the actual choice.

With our busy lifestyles, juggling, running from place to place and the constant “high alert” we sometimes run on, making a choice creates added tension.  We are really not sure what to choose, when to make the change, how to make the change and end up even more flustered than before – with the feeling we now have even more on our plate.

For a working mum some of those choices can truly affect your life in the most impactful ways.

Do I work/not work?

Do I follow a career path/stay in the same job?

Do I stay in my job/start my own business to give me more flexibility?

The weight of these decisions creates a myriad of other emotions that we then carry and continually play over in our minds.

Therefore, how can we relieve ourselves of this decision making process?  How can we lift, just a little of the overwhelm, and make our load lighter?

Perhaps it is as easy as making no choice at all?

There is the old saying “you can’t have it all” and in some respects yes that is accurate – mostly we can have it all, just not all at the same time.  But if we started to remove some of the emotion out of our decision making process, then the decision making itself would be easier on us.

Why can’t you have a career and start a side hustle – it’s hard work but doable.

Why can’t you have a career and be at home more through exploring flexible working arrangements?

Why can’t you switch up from working and not working by taking a career break to stay at home for a period of time and then re-join the workforce a bit later?

Why can’t you choose to live a life that would suit you and your family?

Why do you even need to choose?

Sometimes you don’t actually need to make a choice at all.  As working mums we are so used to having to make a choice and miss out on something.  We are so used to putting everyone first and ourselves last that we end up missing out and that is just a choice many of us decide to make.

Perhaps we don’t actually realise that in some cases we don’t need to choose in the first place. Perhaps we should just do?

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