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The Daily Commute

Those of you who follow my Instagram, you will no doubt know that I have just changed jobs.  I was getting stale in the role and business I was in and needed a change.  But a change isn’t as easy when you have a family – there are so many thing and people to consider!

This new change has meant a different commute to work for me.  I now take public transport instead of driving and get a 20 minute walk in each way as well.  Something that I am enjoying at the moment.

However the commute can be long and tiring at times.  I spend about 30 minutes on the train and I decided that I was going to make that time work for me.

Whilst I could get lost in Facebook or Instagram or catching up on the news of the day, I really didn’t want to waste that hour per day flicking through other peoples highlights.  I really had to think about how I could utilise that time and have found some great suggestions for you!

Meal Plan 

I have spent that time looking for recipe ideas, getting inspiration for healthy meals and then writing down the food I am going to prepare for myself and the family for the week ahead.  I usually prepare 2-3 meals on a Sunday along with a few snack options and this time has allowed me to finalised my list and the grocery list for the week. Done and Done!

Grocery Shopping

After I have done the meal list and grocery list I then spend the next day getting my shopping done.  I jump onto my Coles Online, place everything on order and save it in my shopping cart.  Once I get home I quickly log on and check out and organise the delivery.  Tick!

Family Planning

For the third day I spend this doing some family planning,  Texting other mums for playdates, reaching out to friends or family to say hello and other such quick message to keep connected to my village.  Whilst some cannot get back straight away, sometimes a quick message is a simple way of saying that you are thinking of them, ideal for organising a quick catch up or for any other planning you need to organise that week (hello gym cancellations!)

Big Planning

The second half of the year is busy for us as a family – all our birthday’s are in the last three months.  This requires a fair bit of planning so that I don’t miss anything.  I have been using my commute time to research birthday party options for the kids, saving gift suggestions and ideas as well as shooting off a few emails to lock in suppliers.  Usually I would put aside an hour or two on a Sunday to accomplish this type of activity – now my Sunday’s are not as hectic!


I always leave a day or two for learning.  I find that the best way for me to squeeze in some education into my day is through podcasts.  I love listening to podcasts and audio books.  They are such a simple, cheap entertaining way to learn new things and grow.  I have a few favourites including No Filter (drops each Monday), Lewis Howes and Mums with Hustle!

Now I am no angel.  I still have times when I jump on the train after work and literally cannot think anymore so I go to the default mode of flicking through social media.  I am not perfect.  But I am going to continue to try and utilise my time better – I will let you know how I go!

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