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When a change is as good as a holiday

I am in the process of currently finishing up with my job and getting ready to start a new one.  A totally different one.  Am I scared – yep!  But super excited and keen to start and create a massive positive impact with my new employer.

However, I have found during this process there is just so much to consider outside of the new job realm it can become somewhat overwhelming at times.  On top of the usual – update work wardrobe, farewell events at current workplace, working out logistics on where to go for the new role and how to get there plus getting mentally prepared for the change – there is a myriad of other considerations I need to take.


Family Routine

Whether you are a routine person or not, there is generally some structure to how you go about your days.  Which parent drops off and collects kids from school or day care.  Who is cooking dinner, who is doing the home work and all the other bits and pieces that comes with the daily parenting duties.  For me all this has to change.  This was a really big consideration that both myself and my husband had to make together when this new job was becoming a reality.  I have added 1 hour to my commute time each day – which means my husband has to pick up some of the load in terms of collecting the kids from school and dinner prep.  So, the change instantly affects all of us – not just me.


Mental Load

When starting somewhere new you need to prove yourself and let the team know you are a team player and can handle the load.  This means more pressure from work and a bigger mental load.  There is usually an adjustment where you are learning and sometimes that can be a steep learning curve.  I love learning new things so I enjoy this process, but it does mean that I will be coming home really exhausted most nights just from mental fatigue.  This increased mental load will also perhaps mean I drop the ball on other things.  This happens to everyone from time to time, so I am not going to beat myself up about it.  But I am aware of it and will try and take the first few weeks easier on myself.



It is hard when the kids are still young for them to understand that mummy has a new job and that things around home might change a little bit.  Dad will be stepping up and taking on a bigger workload at home and mum may not be around as much as before.  Whilst I don’t expect that my new role will take too much time away from the kids, there will be a small adjustment.  For me as the adult – I am excited for new challenges and a fresh new workplace, but for them it is a little harder so we are progressing with caution.  Kids however are extremely resilient and with such a small change I doubt they will even notice!


I think the key to change within the family dynamics is to talk through all the changes with your significant other and collectively make the change.  Crystal clear communication about the ins and outs helps tremendously and provides a clear pathway in the journey.  But also, don’t forget to look after yourself.  Changes affect people differently.  Get some good quality sleep (if you can – I’ve been without decent sleep for 7 years and counting), nurture with good food, quiet time and quality family time.  If this change is what you really want – you can make it work.

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