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Mama Profile – Mary Scriva

It is time for my second real mama profile

I’m happy to introduce Freelance Make-Up artist Mary Scriva!  Mary has reinvented herself from a corporate mama into freelance mama and is now one of Melbourne’s most sought after Make-Up artists.  She has painted a wide variety of faces (including mine) and has amazing experience across fashion, editorial and TV.  But she is most passionate about enhancing your features, not covering them.


Can you give us an overview of your working mum journey to now?

Before children I took time for granted. I worked full time hours, early mornings, late nights and weekends. I was climbing the corporate ladder and I didn’t worry about my wellbeing.

After children I viewed my time differently, I aim for a work/life balance now. I want to be around my family as much as possible. That’s what drove me to start a freelance makeup business. I now choose my days and hours to allow me to be flexible.


What is the one tip or trick you can give to working mums?

My biggest tip for working mums is not to be afraid to ask for flexibility. The concept of 9 -5, arrive early and leave late does not guarantee productivity. You’re most effective when you’re present and wanting to work.


How do you manage mum guilt?

Mum guilt means different things to every mum. For me, it’s when I’ve been working too much and I haven’t balanced it with family time. Sometimes I know it is short-lived and am conscious to make it up to them.


What advice would you give to new working mums just starting their juggling journey?

Just like having a new baby, or growing your family. It all seems impossible, but then somehow you work out a routine and everything falls into place. You will have times when your kids get sick (curse you winter) and it conflicts with your work. But never feel guilty for being a mum!


What do you love about being a working mum?

I love that I am showing my children that I work hard and enjoy what I do.  My eldest (4 year old) is starting to mimic me and I like to think I make it look so exciting and fun.


What 5 things every working mum should have in her makeup bag?

  1. Hydrating moisturiser, if your skin looks good your makeup will look better. Try Dermalogica – Active Moist
  2. Never leave the house without sunscreen. Try Avene – sunscreen
  3. I recommend a pressed powder to touch up your makeup throughout the working day. Try Mac Cosmetics – Blot Powder/pressed 
  4. High end concealer, you need to hide the fact that you woke up at 2, 4 and 5am settling a baby/toddler. Try Nars – Radiant Concealer
  5. Bright lipstick, keep your makeup minimal and brighten your face with colour. Try Huda Beauty – Liquid Matte Lipstick

Mary is available for all your make-up needs, whether you are heading out for a night event, wanting that perfect baby shower glow or even for a fancy girls night!  Visit her website or you can also find her on Instagram or Facebook.

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