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Solo Parenting

I have been run off my feet for the past 10 days.  The husband has been away overseas for work (let’s be honest – it was part holiday) and I was parenting solo.

It is funny, I am usually so independent and get things done (in my own way) without too much change.  The husband isn’t always home during the evening so I thought – I got this!  Too easy.

Nope. Not easy.  Being the only person to do anything in the house with two kids was exhausting.  I was lucky, my mum came and stayed and helped get dinner on the table when I rushed in the door at 6pm each night.  She also gave me a hand with the washing during the week which was excellent.  Plus, she offered adult conversation. Bonus!

However, the kids solely relied on me.  I completed every school drop off and every school pick up.  I bathed and read to them daily, I helped with homework, craft, drawing, play-dough, screen time, Saturday sports.  I also did parent teacher, dress up day, school BBQ day and early knock off time for end of term.

It was full on!

I actually didn’t realise the scope of what was required for the 10 days.  By the time my husband got home I was truly exhausted.  I hadn’t slept great with 2 kids in my bed each night (not a daily habit but happens when one of us is away) which also didn’t help.

Now whilst I was tired at the end, I managed to power through the 10 days and kept going.  I was like the energiser bunny.  Which in hindsight made me realise how much working parents do in a day or week.  How much we accomplish either together or individually and how with little ones depending on us for so much, there is simply no alternative but to keep going.  Whatever that looks like for us.

We power on.  We get shit done. We show up for work and we show up for our kids.  Sure, sometimes we may be a little late, a little bit tired or grumpy, but we always are trying our best.

In the words of Miranda Bond “I have always done the best I can and that’s all I can do”



Clause: Single parents are amazing.  This blog post is not at all talking about single parents and their load – that is a totally different topic and one I simply cannot begin to talk about.  This is a simple blog post about my experience solo parenting for 10 days and how I found it.

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