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A working mum’s nightmare

It is depicted in movies such as “I don’t know how she does it” starring Sarah Jessica Parker and “Bad Mums” starring Mila Kunis.

It is the school bake sale.  The one that requires parents to bring along a home baked donation to help fundraise for the school, community or charity.

Now I actually enjoy baking.  I love (usually) to bake the kid’s birthday cakes and on occasion make some great cakes for friends and family as well.  But the school bake sale is just too much.

And here is why:

  1. They are always on a Wednesday or Thursday – so I can’t make anything on the weekend and it be remotely fresh for sale. I cannot do any nice cupcakes or biscuits. Whilst I know that they can be frozen and defrosted – that isn’t really for me.  School Hot Tip – do it on a Monday or Tuesday please!


  1. Dietary Requirements. I am totally aware of the nut free requirements of the school environment. I have friends who children are anaphylactic.  However, the process for the school bake sale requires a label highlighting all ingredients and individually wrapped items all ready for sale.  So not only do I need to bake, but also prepare, label, wrap and if available volunteer at the sale.


  1. Money. Money. Money. I thought this time I would be clever and try and think of an item I can make on the weekend, that would stay fresh. I GOT IT!  Chocolates!  I purchased a few packets of chocolate melts from Spotlight, in pink, green, yellow and white.  Melted, then poured into moulds.  Once ready packaged them up into little clear plastic bags.  Added some cute wasabi tape to seal and Viola! Ready to go. I enrolled the kids help, it was a great weekend activity. BUT – it cost me a small fortune.  All those melts ($10 per pack) plus plastic bags and wasabi tape – let’s just say whilst easy and weekend appropriate, it was a little expensive.  Plus, I have to give the kids $5 to purchase items on the day so all in all lots of money spent.

I love being part of the school community.  It is great to be involved in the bake sale, the kids love it and obviously it is a great fundraiser.  I will continue to keep trying my best to contribute.  But gee – can they make it a little easier on us working mums?




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