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Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day has come to an end, and like many mums I was lucky enough to spend the day relaxing with my family.  I was spoilt with a nice breakfast, a new pair of pj’s and a fun filled day with the kids.

I received hand-made gifts from the kids this morning, with them all bringing tears to my eyes like most years.  This year I received a wonderful hand-written card by my son.   It was a beautiful card, one that makes your heart melt in wonder that I actually created this amazing, caring young boy.  This year however I took additional meaning from the words he had written.

In it he had written that I was the best mum ever.  He thanked me for looking after him, said I was beautiful and pretty.  On the front, he had written a few words that in his opinion described me and these included helpful, loveable, kind and nice.  After the initial overwhelm of love and emotion that usually follow these gifts, I took time to reflect on the adventures of a being a mum.


I would like to think that I am a good mum, but we all have our days.  I raise my voice, I count to three, I sometimes lose my mind on days where they just don’t listen.  On most days, I think I can do better.  Most days I rush around, trying desperately to get to school pickup and not be late.  Most days I raise my voice and juggle a million things.  Most days I feel guilt for working when I think I should be home cooking a brilliant meal, fresh for the dinner at night rather than reheating something I made on the weekend.  Most days I feel I perhaps don’t pay enough attention, work from home too much or am too busy doing the work around the house.  Sometimes I forget to read to the kids at night, sometimes it is just too cold to go to swimming lessons and sometimes a bit of cheeky take-away is all that can be mustered after a busy day or week.

BUT, what I realised today, after reading the hand-written card, was that the way my child sees me verses the way I see myself is truly different.  I always think I can do better and strive every day to make positive changes, however my son sees me as a kind, helpful, loveable mum.  My son knows that I am here for him, that I love him and that he and his sister mean the world to me.  But to really understand this, has taken me many years.

I now realise that I am a good enough mum.  That whilst some days are a little challenging, I am doing my best and doing it with love.  I have raised two small humans and I know from their behaviours and communication that I have raised them well.  Two beautiful souls who are just starting their journey into life, who I will continue to guide and hold their hands with kindness and love.

So today on Mother’s Day I want all the mums reading this to know, that you are good enough.  No matter the shitty days we might have, the challenges that are thrown our way or the growing demands on our time, we are doing the best we can and we are doing it with love – and that my fellow mums is all we can do.

Do it with love.

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