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Date nights – so good!

Date nights, it’s so hard to find the time but so beneficial to your relationship.

It is hard to connect as a couple when life gets busy – and let’s face it when you work and have kids it gets busy.  Constantly busy.  It is hard to find the time to have great quality time – sure a few snatches of compliments and cuddles but essentially you really can’t get more than an hour together before interruption – and that is if you are lucky!

So dates night for me are a must.  We try and get them in monthly – although that is a bit of a dream at the moment and aside from a few work dinners early in the year we have only had one date night so far in the 4 months of this year.  And it was much needed.

Sometimes I fell guilt but I also know that the children are safe and loved when they have sleep overs with family, and for my husband and I it gives us a chance to reconnect and appreciate each other for who we are rather than just ships in the night.

We spent the night at a lovely restaurant at the other side of town.  A place we haven’t been before and are unlikely to go again in the immediate future.  It was wonderful.  Exploring a new neighbourhood, new place, new menu and staff and just a new experience overall.  Together we get to explore something new and just enjoy in being with each other.  We didn’t talk about kids (which I know can be hard) and really enjoyed the moment.

It is important to remember on this ride of life that we have a support system and we need to nurture that.  For me that is my husband, for others it may be their other nearest and dearest.  But to have a night away, adult conversations, to get out of the routine of daily life and then to wake up with your body clock instead of a baby or kids needing breakfast is a fantastic way of recharging the batteries and filling up your tank ready to take on the next month.

It is key to remember that date nights don’t have to cost a fortune.  There are the usual ideas such as movies and dinner or a musical in town.  For others, a simple take away pizza and a movie at home is perfect.  Anything that you don’t normally get a chance to do that will allow you to relax and recharge with each other is amazing.

So my challenge to you mama’s is that if you are not currently taking time for yourselves do it and make it part of your lifestyle.

What are you date night ideas?

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